$50k Wealth Multiplier
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$50k Wealth Multiplier
With Hilary Hendershott

$50K Wealth Multiplier Experience is closed for 2019.

With unprecedented interest in the $50K Wealth Multiplier Experience, we’ll be back in 2020 to usher in a new class of remarkable women. Put your name on the interest list now so that you are the first to know when registrations open back up and to receive exclusive resources and special announcements in the meantime.

Can’t wait till 2020 to experience financial transformation? Consider working with Hilary and her team one-on-one at Hilary Hendershott Wealth Management.

Learn more at www.HilaryHendershott.com 


Peace of mind. Freedom. Security. No matter your business or background, as successful women we want to see our work translate to living the life we want.

The reality is, many of us feel trapped by our finances and business. 

  • Do you struggle to experience true peace of mind when it comes to your finances?

  • If you are an entrepreneur, do you feel tied to your business because cash flow is unpredictable at best?

  • Do you want better control of your money?

  • Do you doubt your ability to handle wealth responsibly?


This sounds exhausting and defeating.

The good news is you’re not alone… and your reality can change starting right now!

Here are true results from a few past participants

Danika* came in fractured, but finished the program whole

Beginning Net Worth ($191,000)

Net worth after first 7 months of program $106,118

Expected Wealth Multiplier after 24 months $567,751

Nina* lacked motivation and drive, but dreams were made a reality

Beginning Net Worth $102,360

Net worth after first 7 months of program $99.374

Expected Wealth Multiplier after 24 months $174,192

Sophia* was pushed into learning about finances after an accident and she wanted to learn the right way

Beginning Net Worth $22,171

Net worth after first 7 months of program $40,152

Expected Wealth Multiplier after 24 months $77,180

For their full story and other program attendees stories, download the white paper.

*Not their real names, but definitely their real results.


Imagine knowing how the words in your everyday conversations can empower your money mindset.


Imagine being informed, confident, and in total control of your finances through a proven financial automation system.


Creating financial security and growing your net worth takes action. 


Are you ready to ignite your wealth building future?




with Hilary Hendershott


The $50K Wealth Multiplier Experience is a seven-month group experience hosted by Hilary Hendershott, the leading expert on wealth management for empowered women.

During this exclusive experience you will:

  • Gain a clear vision for your outlook on money with the confidence to back it up

  • Create and master a cash flow management system built on integrity and proven strategies

  • Know exactly how much money you have, as well as, your net worth

  • Exchange poor or misinformed financial habits for proven wealth-building principles to guide your financial future

  • Receive life-changing, world-class insight designed to raise your net worth by $50,000+ in the next two years


This one-of-a-kind opportunity is only open to a select group of applicants.


What You Can Expect With the
$50K Wealth Multiplier Experience


The $50K Wealth Multiplier Experience features a strong combination of resources, coaching insight, and practical action steps to help you realize your full wealth-building potential under the expert care of Hilary Hendershott:

Exclusive coaching from Hilary Hendershott through the 7 Steps to Wealth - you won’t just learn what they are, but you will internalize, adopt, and embody them. You will experience this as a transformational experience.

High-value money management coaching from the Hendershott Wealth Management team: you and at least one team member will review your bank accounts, analyze your spending and saving patterns, and create a personalized positive cash flow and debt-killing plan to start building wealth every single month.

Exclusive access to the Money Operating System® mindset coaching from Hilary Hendershott.

Three (3) in-person mastermind events over the course of seven months - all hosted and moderated at Hilary Hendershott’s San Jose, California office. Private Kick-Off Mastermind #1 June 8th and 9th - Private Mastermind #2 August 24th - Private Mastermind #3 November 16th. These experiences are the cornerstone of our time together where our mastermind community with help ignite significant momentum in your life.

Focused coaching on one core principle of the 7 Steps to Wealth to master each month. Content will be delivered in video and transcript form with specific homework requirements dedicated towards mastering each principle.

Seven (7) money management coaching calls with a member of the Hilary Hendershott Wealth Management expert team: 30-60 minutes each (this is where/how we will deliver your customized wealth plan and Profit Boss® dashboard).

Seven (7) live 60-minute group Q&A calls moderated by Hilary Hendershott to maximize your understanding of this experience.

Seven (7) 30-minute, one-on-one coaching calls with Hilary.

Online access in a private Facebook group that will be deleted at the close of the coaching program.

You will also have a ‘buddy’ in the program - your partner in success to increase your prosperity.


Who is Hilary Hendershott?


Hilary Hendershott faced the painful irony of being a hard worker with an excellent income who was trapped in bankrupt financial habits. She struggled with inauthentic financial patterns, poor spending practices, and a limited money mindset. This pain pushed Hilary to learn and master the money game to change how she thought and lived when it came to wealth.

Now, as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®), Hilary helps empowered women remove money blocks, grow financial wealth, and be their champion on the road to financial freedom. Her featured 2013 TED Talk “The Surprising Power of Language to Make You Rich” launched Hilary to become the go-to personal finance expert in Silicon Valley for the NBC evening news where they call her ‘The Investor's Voice of Reason’.

Hilary is previously featured in the Wall Street Journal, DailyWorth, and Forbes. Her mission is to motivate women to be financially empowered and support women in their financial journey.


The $50K Wealth Multiplier Experience is your exclusive access to Hilary Hendershott as one of the most dynamic influencers in the world of finances.


If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme or a magic bullet for your financial future, the $50K Wealth Multiplier Experience isn’t for you.

Heads-up: this will not be a comfortable, ‘feel great about yourself all the time’ experience. If you’re serious about taking control of your money and moving the needle for your finances, this is perfect for you.


There are four key attributes we are actively looking for in qualified applicants:

Coachable. You will have plenty of homework and assignments. Real transformation requires real work that’s tested in the real world. Hilary will ask you to do things that will probably make you uncomfortable. You need to be willing to act anyway. (Don’t worry - she won’t ask you to do anything inappropriate or unprofessional).

Available. This program will require your time, energy, and focus. When you apply, you will state in your application that you have time available to dedicate towards this experience. We understand - you’re busy. So is every other successful person. We will respect your time, so be prepared to respect this experience with your time as well.

Non-judgmental. You and your fellow participants will be asked to be extremely authentic and vulnerable about your financial lives. And let’s face it, your financial life is your life. Together, we will create a judgment-free zone.

Willing to share. This experience is based on your reality. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Hilary has a huge advantage over other coaches because she is highly qualified to deal with the reality of your taxes, your income, your investments, and the other aspects of your financial life. You’ll be coached on both the internal and external realities of your money. Be ready to share.

If you’re committed to embodying these four attributes, the next step is to complete your application.


Hilary has worked tirelessly with hundreds of women to empower them in their financial lives. She has successfully transformed her own destructive financial patterns. She paid off tens of thousands in debt and built a 7-figure business and has empowered her clients to do the same. However, as President of a Registered Investment Advisory firm, the Investment Advisor Act of 1940 legally prohibits Hilary from publishing testimonials, so none can be published here. But what’s a testimonial anyway, right? Obviously, companies are only going to hand-pick the most glowing reviews to publish—and who’s to even say they’re actually honest? So you’ll have to trust what you see and what you know and what your gut tells you. Or, check her Yelp page here. You can rest assured that Hilary is experienced, qualified and will make a big impact on your financial life.”


What Is the Cost of the $50K Wealth Multiplier Experience?


Applications are currently closed.


Participation in the $50K Wealth Multiplier Experience is an investment in yourself. This program is designed to offer you the necessary push to take the right step, or series of steps, to turn your financial dreams into reality. What you pay is simply a down payment toward reaching your financial potential. Pricing details are not yet determined for the 2020 program. Please join the interest list to stay informed.

Participation in the $50K Wealth Multiplier Program does not guarantee a net worth increase of $50,000+ USD if the program recommendations, resources, and coaching insight are not implemented per the direction of Hilary Hendershott and/or other representatives of Hendershott Wealth Management LLC. The Hendershott Wealth Management, LLC group will do everything in our reasonable power to ensure your success in this program.

Please note, all personal experiences and opinions shared relate only to participation in the personal finance program described and not to any other services offered by Hilary Hendershott or affiliated entities.